As at 10 June 2020 the Company’s issued share capital was 76,452,106 1p Ordinary shares.
The shareholdings above 3% as at 10 June 2020 are:

Ordinary Shares Percentage of Existing Ordinary Shares at the date of Admission
York Energy Group Limited19,000,00024.85
International Immobiliare Ltd16,300,00021.32
FHF Securities (A’Asia) Limited5,000,0006.54
RB Nominees Limited4,118,4045.39
Nobel Petroleum Ireland Limited3,400,0004.45
Nomura PB Nominees Limited3,378,0004.42
FHF Corporate Finance Limited3,300,0004.32
Invictorium Limited3,200,0004.19
Mrs. B. Shaw3,200,0004.19
Mrs. P. Evans3,100,0004.06

No major holder of Ordinary Shares has voting rights different from other holders of Ordinary Shares.

To the best of the Directors’ knowledge, no shareholder directly or indirectly, exercises or could exercise control over the Company.